Mingde Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of electrical insulation materials, composite materials (FRP), polymer chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates and other products. The company is located in Xi'an Aviation High-tech Industrial Base.
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The main products of Xi'an Mingde Composite Materials Co., Ltd. are insulating rods, square insulating rods, insulating plates, insulating tubes (round and square), vacuum injection composite insulator mandrels, epoxy glass filament winding tubes (simplified), epoxy glass cloth winding tubes (Cylinder), filled foam tube, hollow composite insulator casing, core tube, special-shaped winding tube and more than dozens of products, which are widely used in the power insulation equipment manufacturing industry. Composite suspension insulators, composite pin insulators, composite post insulators, hollow composite insulators, composite cross-arms, drop switch high-voltage isolating switches, composite insulators for electrified railways, spacers, composite jacket zinc oxide arresters, high-voltage current breakers And other product manufacturing.
Products are used in composite insulators, lightning arresters, fuses, high-voltage switches, wall bushings, reactors, wave traps, transformers (dry and oil-immersed), high and low voltage distribution cabinets, fiber skeletons, composite insulators for electrified railways Insulating components in high-voltage electrical appliances such as lightning arresters, spacers, and high-voltage current-limiting fuses. Among them, high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant, corrosion resistant, wear resistant and high insulating composite material insulators can be processed into instrument casings, mandrels, scale devices, insulating electrode rings, coil skeletons, bearing brackets, three-layer pipes and other logging instrument products. It is used in petroleum logging instrument manufacturing enterprises and coal mine logging instrument manufacturing enterprises.
 All models produced by our company can be processed and customized according to the needs of customers.

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