FRP Coated Core

FRP coated core is mainly made of epoxy resin, glass fiber, and surface anti-static paint, suitable for winding various optical films.
Product name: FRP coated core
Material: epoxy resin and glass fiber, surface anti-static paint.
Uses: Suitable for winding various optical films.
Advantages: the surface can be anti-static, (can be manufactured according to customer requirements)
1 Glass fiber winding angle (45°-65°)
2. Fiber content weight ratio, more than 70%
3. Density≧1.92g/cm3
4. Water absorption≦0.2%
5. Vertical layer bending strength≧400MPA
6. Shear strength≧32MPA
7 Axial compressive strength≧150MPA
8 Parallel layer breakdown voltage (90±2)℃ in oil ≧50KV
9 Dielectric loss factor at power frequency ≦0.05
10 Dielectric constant ≦3
11 Insulation resistance≧5×10000
12 Surface withstand voltage (1 minute in air, distance 35MM) ≧14KV
13 Temperature resistance grade: (long-term use temperature resistance is less than 140°C) Class F (155°C)

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