FRP NBR composite pipe

FRP NBR composite pipe is suitable for winding various optical films and electronic films. The hardness of the surface rubber can be adjusted. It can be used semi-permanently by turning and rewrapping.
Product name: FRP+NBR composite pipe
Product material: glass fiber + epoxy resin + butyl rubber (NBR) 
product use: suitable for winding various optical films, electronic films,
Product advantages: Improve short-difference extrusion of film in the early stage of winding, adjustable surface rubber hardness, semi-permanent use through turning and rewrapping.
1. Winding angle of glass fiber (45°-65°)
2. Fiber content weight ratio, more than 70%
3. Density≧1.92g/cm3
4. Water absorption≦0.2%
5. Vertical layer bending strength≧400MPA
6. Shear strength≧32MPA
7. Axial compressive strength≧150MPA
8. Parallel layer breakdown voltage (90±2)℃ in oil ≧50KV
9. Dielectric loss factor ≦0.05 under power frequency
10. Dielectric constant ≦3
11. Insulation resistance≧5×10000
12. Surface withstand voltage (1 minute in air, distance 35MM) ≧14KV
13. Temperature resistance grade: (long-term use temperature resistance is less than 140°C) Class F (155°C)

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